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Mr. Handel's Trumpeters - English Trumpet Music from Purcell to Handel
With the splendid sound of up to eight trumpets and timpani, with a large and colourful group of Basso Continuo (small organ, theorba, bassoon, violoncello & violone) the Baroque Trumpet Ensemble Berlin plays english Court Trumpet music of the time from Henry Purcell to George Frideric Handel.
The King's Christmas - Christmas at the Court of English Kings
With the music of the most important composers of the epoch, the Baroque Trumpet Ensemble Berlin shows the great ambivalence of the Christmas celebration:the radiant sounds, courtly festivity, and splendor in the works of Byrd, Dowland, and Purcell contrast with the antiphons and consort pieces of the early Elizabethan era – quiet  contemplation  and  reflection,  anticipation and fulfillment!
Tromba Hispanica - Battallas y Canciones  17th-Century Music for the Spanish Court Trumpeters
Splendor and virtuosity for natural trumpets, timpani, percussion, theorbas, & organ. Besides the Italian trumpet music written for the Habsburg court, pieces written by the Spanish Composers, preserved in the organ  tabulatures will be presented. These are reconstuctions, giving an interesting insight in the highly-developed trumpet art of the Iberian Penisula.
Da Chiesa e Camera – ceremonial splendor and hidden treasures
“Da chiesa e camera” – music in praise of god and simultaneously for the solemn representation and edification of the then almost  godly potentates, reveals in a most unusually colourful instrumentation the Vienna and Kremsier court composers’ mastery in composition and offers a look at the advanced musical culture at the courts of  Austrobohemia.
Monarca della Musica - Music of Kings and Princes of 17th century
Brilliant ceremonial splendor and hidden treasures from England, Italy and Austrobohemia
for trumpets, timpani, percussion, cornetti, trombones, theorba & organ.
The sound of trumpets and drums - the most popular among Kings and Princes - rings out at the beginning and end of this programme. The status  of trumpeters at royal courts is easily explained by the military associations of trumpet music... Read more...
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