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Because of the worldwide distribution by Harmonia mundi, you can order or buy our CD’s in every good music-shop around the world. With a CD-order at our website you will effectivly support the work of our ensemble for the next wonderful music-productions. Thanks in advance!

The new CD from Baroque Trumpet Ensemble Berlin *

Mr. Handel’s Trumpeters  

Music of the english Court Trumpeters from Purcell to Handel

With the splendid sound of up to eight trumpets and timpani, with a large and colourful group of Basso Continuo (small organ, theorba, bassoon, violoncello & violone) the Baroque Trumpet Ensemble Berlin plays english Court Trumpet music of the time from Henry Purcell to George Frideric Handel.

Audio Mr. Handel's Trumpeters  Audio-samples

Audio The King's Christmas

Audio The King's Christmas  Audio samples...

Audio Tromba Hispanica

Audio The King's Christmas  Audio samples...

15 Euro (plus postage & packing).

The King’s Christmas

Christmas at the Court of English Kings

The radiant sounds, courtly festivity, and splendor in the works of Byrd, Dowland, and Purcell contrast with the antiphons and consort pieces of the early Elizabethan era— quiet contemplation and reflection, anti- cipation and fulfillment!

15 Euro (plus postage & packing).

Tromba Hispanica

Battallas y Canciones

17th-Century Music for the Spanish Court Trumpets for six baroque trumpets, timpani, percussion, theorbas, baroque - guitarre and organ.

15 Euro (plus postage & packing)

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